RuneScape; What Are Papayas Used for and How to Obtain Them

Papaya fruit, the fruit of Papaya trees, have multiple purposes in RuneScape. Should a RuneScape player eat a papaya, eight hitpoints and ten percent run energy are restored. To catch Pawyas with the hunter skill, Papaya is required bait. Pawyas are bait for Grenwalls, and Grenwall Spikes are in high demand for extreme ranged potions. Papaya are payment for the farmer to watch your palm tree, ensuring the tree will mature free of disease.
Demand for Papaya in RuneScape has increased with the high level herblore update, however RuneScape players with high summoning have cashed in on the opportunity to summon fruit bats to make fruit. RuneScape players at level 84 herblore, by mixing a Papaya with a Super Energy Potion, can make a Recover Special. Making recover special grants 200 herblore experience and drinking restores 25% of the special attack bar. The Recover Special is non-tradable, and is valued for herblore experience and the advantage in combat.

When Papaya is in high demand, the RuneScape Grand Exchange becomes unreliable as a source and other methods of obtaining them must be explored. Merchanting clans also will buy out the supply of Papaya so as to sell higher and make a profit. Here is a look at how to acquire Papaya in RuneScape.

Growing a Papaya tree requires level 57 farming. Plant the seed in a plant pot with a trowel. Use a watering can with pot to water the seed. The tree takes 15 minutes to sprout. Plant the sapling in a fruit tree patch. For ten pineapples, the local farmer will watch the tree. Papaya seed is found in bird’s nests or purchased. Pawyas, Jade vines, and Giant Ant workers occasionally drop Papaya seed. The trees produce up to six fruit and grow new fruit if left growing.

With level 69 summoning, a fruit bat can be summoned. Fruit bats forage for fruit, including Papaya. Using a fruit fall scroll allows more fruit to drop on the ground. Papayas and coconuts are obtained through the fruit fall scroll at a greater percentage than from foraging. The fruit bat can hold up to 30 items in its inventory.

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