Runescape Melee Guide

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First of all, let’s go over what armor you should use. Never use magic armor. Use either ranged or melee armor. For magic defense use the best ranged armor that you can use. The same goes for melee, but use a full helmet and a kiteshield. For boots use the Stronghold of Security boots, or leather boots. For gloves use either the green dragonhide vambraces, worn rune gauntlets (or your best type of armor gauntlets), or the Stronghold of Player Safety gloves. Wear any type of cape and an amulet of power.

For a weapon you should use one of 3 weapons (use the best metal that you can wear); they are 1) scimitar, 2) 2h sword, or 3) warhammer. The 2h sword will require both hands, and you will lose your shield. This gives you an extra powerful attack, but a smaller defense. It will also cause you to attack slower. The scimitar attacks the fastest, and is pretty powerful. The warhammer isn’t as fast, but is more powerful and specializes in crushing attacks. Most armor is the least powerful against crush type attacks.

For food you should bring one of 3 items. They are swordfish, anchovy pizzas, or chocolate cakes. The swordfish heal 140 each, and each one has one serving. The anchovy pizzas heal 90 per serving, and have 2 servings. The chocolate cakes heal 50 per serving, and have 3 servings. The swordfish are the most effective for battles were fast healing is needed. The anchovy pizzas are best for when you are in long fights and need maximum healing. The cakes are not as useful, but are good if each attack isn’t doing so much damage, so you can spread out the healing. The cakes are best if you have very low health so you won’t waste food.

Also, you can bring a couple other items to use. These include method of teleportation, potions, and runes to cast some spells. These spells include bind, confuse, teleports, teleblock, and weaken. Also you should bring some way to teleport away from battle (Explorer’s Ring, Ring of Kinship, and Runecrafting Guild Teleport Tab). The strength potion increases your strength by 2 for a minute or so. Also, each potion has 4 uses, so you don’t need to bring many.

There are also weaknesses to being a melee type battler. You will not be able to do magic well. Also, you cannot hit people that aren’t right in front of you. This makes you vulnerable to mages and rangers. The rangers will have a hard time damaging you, but the mages will be even more effective against you. Also your armor is heavy so you will be outrun if you try to catch somebody or run away. So on a PVP world your target will be able to get away if they are losing, and in addition you will not be able to escape from a mage that is trying to kill you.

Skill wise you will need 5 main skills; they are Prayer, Attack, Defense, Strength, and Constitution. Magic, ranged, and summoning are not useful and will increase your combat level without increasing how effective you are. However, magic will increase your resistance to magic, but will also increase your level.

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