New World Amrine Excavation Guide


Amrine Excavation expeditions are the first of many raid dungeons in New World, and if you’ve been a part of the game from the beginning, you may already be familiar with how you need a party to withstand the damage from dreadful monsters residing within it. You need to consider brushing up on utilizing your best weapons while defining whether you’re a supporting or DPS character.

Similar to the raid dungeons in most of the MMO games, Amrine splits into several segments. The vast majority of it is straightforward if you have the right party composition; however, there are a few hurdles along the path that you may stump upon on your first time.

Amrine Excavation Tips

The excavation is located in Windsward; north of the territory or settlement, west of Noblereach, and east of the fort. You are required to have an Amrine Tuning Orb, which is made by a tier-two Stonecutter. You need the following items to craft the tuning orb – 10x Corrupted Silver, x1 Iron Chisel, x50 Stone Block, and x1 Eternal Heart in this New World Expedition Guide. The recommended level to approach the dungeon is 25, and it is recommended to have at least two healers and three DPS-centred characters to complete it with ease.

Amrine Excavation Strategy

Speaking in terms of the team composition, even though everyone is at level 25 or above, you will need two healers for the final dungeon room. The reason is that there should be someone always healing the party members because there are times that healers are distracted with dodging the attacks from the boss. A couple of DPS-centred allies with the best weapon types would be to the party’s advantage for this New World Expedition Guide. Besides that, status ailments are a good way for additional bonuses, but they aren’t really required to complete the dungeon.

Yes, the dungeon is fairly easy, but there are three main rooms or locations that you need to be mindful of as you enter them. Let’s have a look –

Halfway around you’ll come across a shrine, and right before you activate it, make sure that you clear out the enemies in the surrounding area for New World Amrine Excavation. The reason behind that is because activating the shrine spawns the mid-dungeon boss called Nakashima’s Ghost.

While you’re in a battle against the boss, make sure to dodge or move out of the purple circle when it appears. It’s because his astral projections inflict immense damage on that spot.

Once the boss has been defeated, step on the three pressure pads and trigger the bridge. Plan accordingly and then reunite somewhere on the ground floor as the re-spawning of enemies may overwhelm the non-DPS party members.
Before triggering the boss fight by attacking his shield, make sure that everyone has successfully made their way into the room, because if the main door closes, then the player will be left out.

The boss that you will come across here is called Simon Grey. He’s an ogre-like enemy who generates a great deal of damage. So, have your healers ready at all times.

You need to make sure that the minions near Simon grey are killed, or your party will start to lose their health rapidly for New World Amrine Escavation. Thus, failing to complete the dungeon.

Finally, while Simon Grey is targeting you, make sure that your entire focus is on dodging his attacks, as he can easily wipe out your health if you’re not careful.

Rare Item Rewards

While it’s not guaranteed that you will receive the following items upon completing the expedition, but there’s a chance that you may just walk out with rare loot. These are bound on pickup, making expeditions un-farmable for additional items to stock and make a fortune out of them. However, you can always dismantle the items to obtain spare parts.

SIMON GREY’S TOOTHPICK – Type: Rapier. Tier: III. Scales with: Dexterity/Intelligence. Weight: 4.0. Level requirement: 25. Gear Score: 370. Damage: 269. Critical hit chance: 5.0%. Critical Damage multiplier: 1.4. Block stamina damage: 28.0. Blocking stability: 15%. Thrust damage: 111. +17 Dexterity. Keen: +7.4% critical chance. Keenly Empowered: On critical, gain 15% Empower for five seconds (Cooldown ten seconds).

FLARE SPARK – Type: Fire Staff. Tier: III. Scales with: Intelligence. Weight: 11.2. Level requirement: 27. Gear Score: 355. Damage: 232. Critical hit chance: 4.0%. Critical Damage multiplier: 1.2. Block stamina damage: 28.0. Blocking stability: 15%. Fire damage: 100. +16 Intelligence. Accelerating Flamethrower: Applying three stacks of burn damage on a target with Flamethrower grants Haste, increasing movement speed by 14% for two seconds. Refreshing Evasion: Reduces active cooldowns by 0.73% after exiting the dodge animation.

DARKNESS DEFINED – Type: Great Axe. Tier: III. Scales with: Strength. Weight: 9.6. Level requirement: 25. Gear Score: 370. Damage: 317. Critical hit chance: 3.0%. Critical Damage multiplier: 1.4. Block stamina damage: 56.0. Blocking stability: 25%. Slash damage: 149. +17 Strength. Chain Void: On a hit, cause a Chain Void attack that bounces between close targets. Does not trigger off persistent damage or DoT effects. Enchanted: Light and Heavy attacks deal 7.5% more damage.

SIMON’S HACKSILVER RING – Type: Jewelry. Tier: III. Weight: 0.1. Level requirement: 25. Gear Score: 370. +17 Strength. Physical Ward II: 1.5% physical damage absorption. Slash damage: You deal 4% more slash damage.

NAKASHIMA’S KEEPSAKE – Type: Jewelry. Tier: III. Weight: 0.1. Level requirement: 25. Gear Score: 370. +14 Intelligence. Physical Ward II: 1.5% physical damage absorption. Mana Recovery: When you are hit while below 50%, gain 75 mana (60 seconds cooldown). Does not trigger off persistent damage or DoT effects.

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