World of Warcraft 1 To 600 Enchanting Levelling Guide


Enchanting is a profession that is used to create or make magical formulas that can grant buffs to armours, weapons, and other items in the game. Collecting ingredients aren’t the sole items that you need to make formulas because, without the respective recipe, you cannot learn the art of Enchanting. These recipes can be gathered from vendors across the game or by defeating various mobs in dungeons. The ingredients that are used for Enchanting can create items that can add up stat bonuses, such as strength, intellect, and much more!

Approximate Materials Required

1 x Copper Rod, 134 x Strange Dust, 10 x Greater Magic Essence, 10 x Simple Wood – vendor, 25 x Lesser Astral Essence, 120 x Soul Dust, 155 x Vision Dust, 20 x Purple Lotus, 25 x Lesser Nether Essence, 15 x Lesser Eternal Essence, and 230 x Dream Dust.

Burning Crusade – Outlands: 340 x Arcane Dust, 5 x Large Prismatic Shard, 20 x Lesser Planar Essence, 15 x Nightmare Vine, and 15 x Crystal Vial – vendor.

Wrath of the Lich King – Northrends: 102 x Infinite Dust, 27 x Greater Cosmic Essence, 15 Abyss Crystal, and 3 x Dream Shard.

Cataclysm: 353 x Hypnotic Dust, 10 x Lesser Celestial Essence, and 30 x Greater Celestial Essence.

Pandaria: 120 x Spirit Dust and 34 x Mysterious essence.

Levels 1 to 50

To start off, visit any of the enchanting trainers in the capital city of the Old Azeroth, and if you can’t find the exact location, you can ask any of the guards that are wandering around the city. Once that’s done, start making Runed Copper Rods till level 2, which requires Copper Rod, Strange Dust, and Lesser Magic Essence. After that, switch to Disenchanting green quality items till you reach level 50. Alternatively, you can cast Enchant Bracer: Minor Health, which requires Strange Dust.

Levels 50 to 135

From level 50, you can start with Enchant Bracer: Minor Health, requiring Strange Dust to make. Continue the process till level 90, and then switch to Enchant Bracer: Minor Stamina till level 100 (Requirement: Strange Dust). If you feel that Greater Magic Essence is too expensive for you to purchase, then you can continue with Strange Dust enchantment till level 120. In case you have a good supply of Greater Magic Essence and Simple Wood, you can start will enchanting Greater Magic Wands from level 100 to 110. Simple Wood can be bought from a supply vendor, located nearby your respective trainer. At level 110, you have to head to the Stonetalon Mountains (Horde Faction Players) or Ashenvale (Alliance Faction Players) to locate Kulwia or Dalria, respectively. Purchase the two recipes called Enchant Bracer: Lesser Strength and Enchant Cloak: Minor Agility from them and start making the formulas to level 135. Enchant Cloak: Minor Agility will require you to have Lesser Astral Essences.

Levels 135 to 220

It’s time for you to make Enchant Bracer: Lesser Stamina, requiring Soul Dust, till level 155, and then switch to Enchant Bracer: Lesser Strength (same requirement) till level 185. Alternatively, from level 165, you can choose to make Enchant Bracer: Spirit, requiring Lesser Mystic Essences, till level 185. Finally, you can switch to Enchant Bracer: Strength till level 220, requiring you to have Vision Dust.

Levels 220 to 300

At level 220 for your World Of Warcraft enchanting levelling, start with Enchant Cloak: Greater Defence, requiring Vision Dust, and if the following levels are too expensive then continue the same till level 230, or else Enchant Gloves: Agility (Lesser Nether Essence and Vision Dust) from 225 to 230. Now, switch to Enchant Boots: Stamina (Vision Dust) till 235, Enchant Chest: Superior Health (Vision Dust) till 240, and then Enchant Boots: Lesser Accuracy (Vision Dust and Lesser Nether Essence) till level 250. If you can get the Enchant Bracer: Greater Stamina formula from the Auction House or a random world drop, then it’s best to use that from level 245 to 265. Otherwise, make Lesser Mana Oil, requiring Dream Dust, Purple Lotus, and Crystal Vial, from levels 250 to 260. The recipe can be bought from Kania, located at Silithus. For the rest of the levels, use the formulas Enchant Bracer: Greater Intellect (Lesser Eternal Essence) till level 265 and Enchant Shield: Greater Stamina (Dream Dust) till level 300.

Levels 300 to 350

From levels 300 to 310, you can start using the formula Enchant Bracer: Lesser Assault (Arcane Dust), and then switch to Enchant Bracer: Brawn (Arcane Dust) till level 320. Now, use Enchant Gloves: Assault till 330, requiring 96 Arcane Dust, followed by Enchant Shield: Major Stamina (Arcane Dust) till level 335. You can now buy the necessary recipes from Madame Ruby at Shattarath City to make Enchant Shield: Resilience (Large Prismatic Shard and Lesser Planar Essence) till level 340, and then switch to Superior Wizard Oil (Arcane Dust, Nightmare Vine, and Crystal Vials). Crystal Vials can be bought from any supply or alchemy vendors, and the recipe will turn yellow during the process so you might need to make around 14 – 16 for this wow levelling guide.

Levels 350 to 426

From level 350 in this wow enchanting guide, you can start with Enchant Cloak: Speed (Infinite Dust) till level 375, Enchant Glover: Gatherer (Greater Cosmic Essence) till level 390, and then switch to Abyssal Shatter (Abyss Crystal) till level 405. If Infinite Dust is cheaper than Greater Cosmic Essence, then make Enchant Bracers: Assault and Enchant Bracers: Exceptional Intellect, rather than the two mentioned. Abyss Crystal can be obtained from the old Northrend raid instances. If you can’t obtain Abyss Crystal, then make Enchant Boots: Icewalker (Infinite Dust and Crystalized Water) from level 390 to 396, and then switch to Enchant Cloak: Superior Agility (Infinite Dust) till level 405. Finally, from level 405, start with Enchant Gloves: Expertise (Infinite Dust) till level 411, Enchant Gloves: Precision (Greater Cosmic Essence) till level 423, and Enchant Cloak: Major Agility (Infinite Dust and Dream Shards) till level 426.

Levels 426 to 500

From this point onwards in the wow enchanting guide, it’s best that you add most of the enchants on a Vellum, and then sell it at the Auction House. From level 426, start with Enchant Boots: Earthen Vitality (Hypnotic Dust) till level 440, Enchant Cloak: Lesser Power (Hypnotic Dust) till level 445, Enchant Gloves: Haste (Hypnotic Dust and Lesser Celestial Essence) till level 465, and Enchant Cloak: Intellect (Hypnotic Dust) till level 475. If Heavenly Shards are cheaper on your realm, then level up with Enchant Ring: Intellect till 495, or else continue with the following. Enchant Gloves: Exceptional Strength (Hypnotic Dust and Greater Celestial Essence) from level 475 to 480, Enchant Boots: Major Agility (Hypnotic Dust and Greater Celestial Essence) till level 485, Enchant Gloves: Greater Expertise (Same requirement as the previous one) till level 490, Enchant Shield: Mastery (Hypnotic Dust) till level 495, and finally Enchant Bracer: Precision (Hypnotic Dust and Greater Celestial Essence) all the way till level 500.

Levels 500 to 600

You can start off with Enchant Bracer: Mastery, requiring Spirit Dust, till level 526, and then switch to Enchant Boots: Greater Precision, requiring Spirit Dust and Mysterious Essence till level 550. Alternatively, you can go with Enchant Bracer: Major Dodge or Enchant Cloak: Superior Intellect. Now you will have two options; either go with making Ring Enchants (Spirit Dust) and Enchant Chest: Superior Stamina (Spirit Dust and Mysterious Essence) from levels 550 to 557 or Enchant Gloves: Superior Expertise, requiring Mysterious Essence. Finally, make Enchant Chest: Glorious Stats, requiring Spirit Dust and Mysterious Essence all the way till level 600, or alternatively, you can choose to go with recipes Enchant Offhand: Major Intellect or Enchant Gloves: Superior Mastery.

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